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Regular Cleaning

We understand it is never an easy task to maintain a clean and tidy home. That is why, with Bersih Co., we guarantee your home will always be clean every time so you can worry about the stuff that matters to you. 

Hire us for this service, and learn how our customisable clean can fit your unique requirements ensuring the results you need and deserve.

Service included

All areas

  • Wiped Surfaces

  • Vacuum and mop the floors 

  • Wipe Exterior Cupboards/ Drawers

  • Wipe Window Sills 

  • Light Tidy Up



  • Wipe and Clean All Surfaces 

  • Exterior Cupboards and Drawers 

  • Exterior Appliances (Dishwasher, Oven, Microwave and Fridge)

  • Exterior Range Hood and Underside

  • Clean Sink 

  • Clean Stovetop and Splashback



  • Mop and Vacuum Floors 

  • Wipe Surfaces 



  • Shower and bathtub 

  • Sink

  • Clean Exterior Drawers/ Cupboards

  • Clean Mirror

  • Clean and Disinfect Toilet

  • Vacuum and Mop Floors 



Starting $100

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